Would you like to save 80% on your labor cost and reduce your shrink time to just 2 seconds?

The Focus-Lite™ is the quick, efficient way to shrink all types of heat shrink tubing. For use on all types of wire harnesses, crimps and splices. Shrinks in a fraction of the time of traditional heat guns. Choose from 1″, 2.5â€, 8â€, & 15.5†Shrink lengths. Shrink time is the same for all lengths! See the graph below for an average cost savings based on 10,000 harnesses/shrink operations per week or click on the Cost Savings link below for your specific savings.

FLG3 Hand-Held Model is now available! Completely portable and mobile for board mounted harnesses and tight spaces. Talk to your local sales representative or Judco direct for more details.

  • Less operator fatigue 
  • Zero noise levels 
  • Minimal heat at work station 
  • Long life 
  • Ends heat gun failures 
  • Low maintenance 
  • Better process control 
  • Consistent shrinking 
  • No irregularities 
  • Energy efficient 
  • Uses less energy 
  • 300 vs. 1,560 watts 
  • Uses standard 120V


Example of machine cost payback:



Standard Models:

Focus-Lite FL10* – Effective shrink length up to 1.0″
Focus-Lite FL30* – Effective shrink length up to 2.5″
Focus-Lite FL80* – Effective shrink length up to 8″
Focus-Lite FL160* – Effective shrink length up to 15.5″
*Up to 5/8″ cable diameter
Focus-Lite FLG2 – Effective shrink length to 3.0″, up to 1.5″ diameter
Focus-Lite FLG3 hand-held unit – Effective shrink length to 1.375″, Up to 5/8″ cable diameter